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Technical Specs

Completed Tests

Testing of the POLY-CAM® Patented Barb System for quality assurance in polyethylene pipe based systems has been successfully performed to satisfy all requirements for Industrial, Municipal, Potable Water, and Gas distributions piping systems. A variety of ASTM standardized tests, AWWA tests and special tests have been performed on POLY-CAM standard products.

The following test results will confirm the pull out resistance and excellent performance of the POLY-CAM line of products under various Thermal conditions.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test
ASTM D2513, D1599, D1598, F-714

Hydrostatic Test at 80 Degree Centigrade (176 Degree Fahrenheit)
Hoop stress in pipe the 670 PSI and a minimum test time of 170 hours.

The 2” POLY-CAM standard coupling and the 4” POLY-CAM II have been
tested for 2180 hours. The test was terminated without failure.

The POLY-CAM standard 2” coupling has been tested at 23 Degree Centigrade
(73 Degree Fahrenheit). Hoop stress in the pipe 1600 PSI and a minimum test
time of 1000 hours. The test was terminated after 2000 hours.

The POLY-CAM standard 4” and 6” coupling was tested to ASTM F-714 under elevated temperatures of 80 Degree Centigrade (176 Degree Fahrenheit) with an internal pressure of 145 PSI and a pipe wall stress of 725 PSI. The test was terminated at 336 hours without failure.

Pull-out Test

The 2” POLY-CAM standard couplings have been tested for Pull-out resistance
at low temperatures 20 Degree Fahrenheit through minus 40 Degree Fahrenheit.

The 2” SDR11 polyethylene pipe failed at pull-out forces in excess of 6000 lb.
which is above the safe pull strength allowed by the pipe manufacturers
recommended maximum pull strength for pipe.

POLY-CAM products must pass very stringent dimensional quality requirements. All pups supplied with POLY-CAM products are AWWA C901, C906 approved products from reputable Plastics manufacturers and have passed the testing required by AWWA.